My name is Matt, and this is Matter of Beer. I decided to take a passion for beer and turn into something I can share with the world, in as many ways as possible. I homebrew, review beers, do beer photography, and strive to try any brew at least once. Heck, I’ve even grown my own hops. I am also a member of CAMRA with the Victoria BC branch and have volunteered at the Great Canadian Beer Festival, Brewery and the Beast, and Victoria Beer Week.

They say you should find your passion, and make a career of it, so that’s what I’m trying to do. If you are a pub, brewery, restaurant, liquor store, or anything related to craft beer, I can help you become the craft beer destination you want to be. I offer services ranging from beer tastings and food pairings to event representation and staff training. If you are interested in any of the services I can offer, please contact me and we can discuss what you do well, where you can improve, and new ways to increase traffic and sales.

In addition, I am the Craft Beer Columnist for Monday Magazine in Victoria. I try to showcase local beers, events, and tips to enjoy that beer even more than you do already. If there is something you would like showcased on the website or in the upcoming monthly issues, please feel free to contact me.

Finally, this page is also going to be an outlet for my thoughts on the craft beer industry, with plenty of pictures, reviews, events, tips, and general beer knowledge that will pique everyone’s interest, whether you are a beer geek or have never had a pint.