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Off-Flavour Seminars ***Most In Demand Course***

Learn to identify flavours that may suggest something is wrong with your beer. Understand why they happen, and what can be done to prevent it. Different levels of complexity can be applied to the course, so if you’re looking for something a little more intensive, this course can definitely be adjusted to meet your demands.

Please note: Pricing is based on fixed group numbers due to off-flavour portions, contact for details.

Beer 101

Learn the basics of beer, from the start. This course is meant to skim the surface, and is a great precursor to going much deeper into beer knowledge. This course will cover and is intended to help prepare for the Cicerone Certified Beer Server exam.

Staff Training

How well versed is your staff? Can they describe that new beer so every customer wants to try it? Can they spot service issues before the beer makes it to the table? We can help you get there. This course is similar to the Beer 101 class, but can be tailored to your specific setting and beer list.

Beer Styles

Whether learning for designation exams, or just wanting to become well versed in how close a beer is to a pre-determined style, this set of classes will cover the wide range to help improve your knowledge.

This is taught through a series of classes, and pricing will reflect the need for multiple bookings.

Food and Beer Pairing

Why does a stout taste so great with chocolate? Why should you avoid hops and spicy food? Why does beer pair better with food than any other beverage? Learn some of the details that can turn an excellent dish into a mind-blowing meal.


Full Beer Service Audits

The full deal. Training, cleaning inspections and recommendations, tap menu advice, food menu pairings, and more. If it can help you become a better beer destination, we can help.

Beer Tastings

Whether it is a private function, public tasting, or you are doing a sampling for quality control, we can be there to ensure everything goes smoothly, and that the beer shines.

Menu Pairings/Special Event Planning

Wedding reception? Banquet? Special evening planned? We can assist you with making sure there is a beer that goes with everything, maybe even the dress.

Beer Menu Consulting

Too Many IPAs? Nothing rich enough to match your food? Import vs. Domestic? We can look at sales and available beers to give you a well-balanced tap menu that can fill your seats with beer lovers.

Draught System Consulting

Looking to update your draught systems? I can help design new systems that will ensure the freshest and temperature appropriate beer at the tap, along with cleaning recommendations.

Event Representation

Lacking representation at industry events? I will stand in and ensure you have a knowledgeable, friendly individual to sell your brand and product.

Social Media Assistance

Integration with social media applications that will draw more business to your establishment, such as Untappd, BeerMenus, etc.

Video Services

Looking to shoot a short promotional video on site? Something that can draw in the crowds in a matter of seconds? We can make you look great.

Note: These courses and services are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Cicerone Certification Program.

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