Beer isn’t cheap, so help support your favourite beer guy by picking up some merchandise. You’ve even got options on how to do it. Click one of the images to pick up any of the items I try to keep on hand, and if you’re local to the Victoria region, I can drop it off for you. If you’re further than that, we can sort out shipping, just reach out.

Otherwise, if you scroll down, or click here, you can go to my Threadless store, where I have on-demand merchandise, more fun and custom designs including the Drink Good Beer and i miss beer festivals collections, and a wider variety of merchandise that can be shipped pretty much anywhere (Note: prices on that site are in USD).

On-Hand Inventory (Click Image to Order)

Matter of Beer Logo Sticker – White on Blue ($3.36 CAD)
Matter of Beer Hat ($28 CAD)
Drink Good Beer Holographic Sticker ($5.60 CAD)
Matter of Beer Button ($5.60 CAD)
Matter of Beer Logo Holographic Sticker ($5.60 CAD)
Matter of Beer Logo Pin ($5.60 CAD)
Matter of Beer Logo Sticker – Blue on White ($3.36 CAD)
Matter of Beer Pride Magnet – No Charge with donation to a Pride charity, cost of shipping without. Contact me for details.
Matter of Beer Magnet ($5.60 CAD)
Matter of Beer Taster Glass ($8.41 CAD)
Drink Good Beer Magnet ($5.60 CAD)

Threadless Inventory (For more options, Click Here)

Want to learn more?

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