What’s the Buzz about Hopwired?

For some of us, our first experience with combining coffee and beer was all thanks the The Drew Carey Show, with a few awkward guys brewing Buzz Beer in their garage. Almost 22 years ago, the idea was almost foreign to people, and seemed an almost perfect fit for a fictional world like a TV sitcom.

Fast forward to now, and it’s hard not to imagine a wide array of coffee beers, ranging from coffee-infused Russian Imperial Stouts, to light lagers with caramelly cold-brew richness. The combination has become a way to enhance and showcase drinks associated with both day and night into a great synergy of flavours.

That’s where Hopwired Festival comes in, but before I continue, tickets are almost completely sold out, so if you are reading this, go buy them and come right back, since this post will still be here, and you can get more details then.

Taking place at the Croatian Cultural Centre on the afternoon of February 24th, it takes two of the West Coast’s favourite drinks and fuses them together under one roof for what has no choice to be an energy-filled afternoon.

Featuring 24 breweries and 15 coffee roasters and shops, the event revolves around each side’s specialty, and much to my delight, the combination of the two, including over a dozen collaborations.

Plus, Donuts.

All in all, this sounds like a great event, and the organizers seem to be working tirelessly to make sure that this will be one to remember. Also, if you got this far and still haven’t bought your ticket, take a look at this glassware, how gorgeous will that look with a coffee infused beer in it?


Tickets are available at hopwired.ca, and if you’re still not convinced you need a ticket, take a look below at both the list of breweries and coffee vendors, then go and buy your ticket.

See you there.


  • 33 Acres Brewing Co.
  • Aslan Brewing
  • Backcountry Brewing
  • Bridge Brewing
  • Category 12 Brewing
  • Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel!
  • Doan’s Craft Brewing
  • Faculty Brewing Co.
  • Field House Brewing Co.
  • Four Winds Brewing
  • Fuggles and Warlock Craftworks
  • Lighthouse Brewing Co.
  • Luppolo Brewing Company
  • Mariner Brewing
  • Modern Times Beer
  • Moylans Beer Co.
  • Moody Ales
  • Ravens Brewing Company
  • Sherwood Brewing
  • Steamworks
  • Steel & Oak Brewing Co.
  • Townsite Brewing
  • Trading Post Brewing
  • Yellow Dog Brewing

Coffee Roasters and Shops

  • 1914 Coffee Company
  • Agro Roasters
  • De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters
  • Ethical Bean Coffee
  • Fresh Cup Cafe
  • Galileo Coffee
  • Milano Coffee Roasters
  • Modus Coffee
  • Mogiana Coffee
  • Notch Coffee
  • Pallet Coffee Roasters
  • Prototype Coffee
  • Republica Coffee Roasters
  • Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters
  • White Goat Coffee Roasters
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