Celebrating a day of New-ness

November 26th was a day for celebrating for the craft beer lovers in Victoria. First things first, The Drake Eatery hosted Mikkeller Day, as Copper & Theory are going to be distributing a wide selection of the famed Danish beers in the near future. With a selection of 12 beers available on tap, with everything from a citrus pils and Berliner Weisses to Double IPAS and a stout, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Great beers and great conversation regarding the beer industry followed, but, time was running short to get to the other event on the schedule.

At the other end of town, a short bus ride away (enough time to work on this post a bit), Category 12 was celebrating their 2nd Anniversary, with a selection of small batch beers offered including and old ale and saison, beer ice cream from 49 Below, and access to most of the brewing floor.

Turnout was fantastic, with elbow room at a premium at some points. Staff were fantastic, and everyone was having a great time. Category 12 had a lot to be proud of before this event, and today showed even more to be proud of.

All in all, a fantastic way to spend a gloomier day in Victoria.

Next week is the Christmas Craft Beer Show, I will have a partial list of beers and breweries up a couple of days before that, so keep an eye out for that if you want to plan ahead.

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