Victoria Beer Week Ticket Launch

First things first, welcome Ticket Rocket to the Victoria Craft Beer event community. You’ll learn that while we are a little odd, we mean well.

Tuesday, December 6th, tickets for the 3rd annual Victoria Beer Week – March 3-12, 2017 – went on sale, and as a special treat, Ticket Rocket hosted a get together at their newish offices on Broughton, just across from the Royal Theatre (Unfortunately not a VBW venue, yet), where some of the brains and brawn of the always anticipated event got a chance to speak to some of the changes this year will bring. 

Included in those changes, a wood-aged beer event, and a rebranding of their new beer event from Thunderdome to Liftoff!. One of the other changes, a welcome addition to the ticketing scheme, allows for pre-built bundles of multiple events. Sam Joe Wiebe spoke as well about the perks that bringing Ticket Rocket and VBW together add, including the face to face experience available at the office and over the phone, as well as the upcoming app support.

Spinnakers was on hand pouring the Fresh-Hopped Sooke ESB, which was a nice mellow beer to drink alongside the fantastic spread of meat and cheese plates provided. In addition, many took advantage of reduced pricing available on event tickets being offered at the launch.

Overall, a fantastic chance to get to see Ticket Rocket’s new home, talk beer, and get excited about Victoria Beer Week 2017.

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