Beer of Missing Out

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Last month we were fortunate enough to get details of the Great Canadian Beer Festival, but this month, the topic is what brings us all together: The Beer. At the end of the day, the event is remembered most by an attendee’s favourite beers and breweries, so what better way to preview than to cover the ones that will likely be the beers not to miss this year.

The casks always tend to have a greater appeal to them, since they’re usually one off beers that you might never see again.

A few that have already created some buzz include Faculty Brewing’s 713 Balsamic Stout, adding a balsamic reduction to an oaked stout adding a fruity tartness, and Red Truck’s Blackberry Bourbon Ale with Raspberry, which should be fruity, woody, and tart, with a hint of warmth.

Local breweries are also bringing their “A” game as Moon Under Water will be celebrating their own anniversary only a week earlier and are bringing a cask of their Year V, their imperial wheat wine dry hopped with Citra hops and blended with last year’s anniversary offering. Lighthouse will be offering their brand new Numbskull edition, this time brewed with Ahtanum, and Driftwood will be pouring their classics, Old Cellar Dweller Barley Wine 2016 on Friday and Singularity Russian Imperial Stout 2017 on Saturday.

While not on cask, some limited release beers will also be pouring, including Four Winds’ Quadrennial, a four-year barrel aged dark American-style sour ale, conditioned on black currants. In addition, Yellow Dog’s Ginger Lime Gose will likely be a draw for those looking for a light tart beer with a hit of something more.

Some of the regular beers that always delight include Fuggles and Warlock’s Gin & Lime Pilsner, which if the weather holds, will be a great beer in the sunshine either day. Also, returning from the dead for another fall appearance, Category 12’s Zombie Repellant Ale will satisfy those looking for the anti-pumpkin beer with a nice belgian sweetness and spiciness.

Ultimately, the list is long, the time is short, and there will always be a few you miss out on, but at the end of the day, everyone gets to walk out of the festival looking back on their favourites and looking forward to next year. Enjoy every beer you have, drink responsibly, and have fun.

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