Vancouver Island Brewing Releasing Fall Line-up

The weather is already taking a turn, with more noticeably rainy days, dew covered mornings, and a light chill in the air. With that in mind, Vancouver Island Brewing is taking the opportunity to adjust their offerings accordingly.

At launch parties slated for October 1st at Piper’s Pub 2018 Nanaimo, October 2nd at both Darcy’s Pub locations in Victoria and Langford, and October 3rd at the Railway Stage & Beer Cafe in Vancouver we’ll see the return of an award-winning favourite, as well as a launch of two brand new beers targeting the fall and winter months.

Returning for year 31, Hermannator Ice Bock is a personal favourite that cold nights beg for. The strong, dark beer, chill filtered to increase body and potency is an amazing reminder that winter is coming, and a perfect match with any rich dessert.

Adding to the lineup, a new IPA and the next iteration of their Tidal series. Misthorn Winter IPA, taking its name from a small range of mountains in the heart of Strathcona Park, definitely piques the interest. Unsure of what to expect with this, but as most winter IPAs take things a little darker, maltier, and richer while adding a nice bright hop finish, it should be a nice cold-weather alternative.

Finally, the Harvest Saison looks to take advantage of the rich crops and flavours that come with this time of year, balancing sweet and spicy quince, tart cranberries, and smooth spelt, for a great pairing beer with all your fall themed dishes.

While these beers are aimed at the coming colder months, there are still some great options available from them for those warmer fall days where you’re cursing picking the warmer jacket in the morning. Still available at select retailers is their previous Tidal Series release, the Imperial Peach IPA, a nice, fruity option that goes great with the end of patio season, and their nicely approachable Broken Islands Hazy IPA, a great option for people to dip their toes into the haze craze without going too deep.

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