Tap in to Local Brews

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There’s no shortage of breweries and brewpubs in Victoria, but certain locations have a certain charm to them, or in certain cases, a not-so-well kept secret that will bring you back for more.

Vancouver Island Brewing

The elder statesman of craft beer in Victoria, Vancouver Island Brewing has a new look and feel to go along with it. The space here is amazing, and tours allow you to get a really good understanding of the process here. Their taproom has a fresh feel, amazing new merchandise, and with their new one of a kind Gruber growler filler, you can get your favourite beer in no time, as it takes only 70 seconds to fill.

Canoe Brewpub

Voted the best patio bar in Victoria for six years running, this is a great space to enjoy some local craft beer. Nearly all of the beer produced on site is consumed here, so it’s one of the only ways to try some of these beers. A very well hidden secret here is that they will do tours. They’re available by booking ahead with a minimum of 10 people, and it’s worth it just to see what they manage to do in the limited space they have.

Moon Under Water Brewpub

Rock Bay, with its concentration of breweries, may be a beer lover’s paradise, but everybody  needs to eat, and the food here is a great display of standard pub fare with a west coast twist.  Wednesday nights here are probably the best night to stop by, and also the worst kept secret, as their wing night aligns with their weekly cask night, and it is always a great chance to try something new, but don’t be late, as it’s always a busy night. Also, while they don’t do tours, the brewhouse is just a few steps away, so you’ll almost feel like you’re in it already.

Twa Dogs (Victoria Caledonian)

Located alongside the Pat Bay Highway in Saanich, Twa Dogs is a relatively recent addition to the local craft beer scene, but they have the added twist of also being a whisky distillery. Tours here cover both sides of the production, and will allow you to taste both their whiskies and beers. In addition, the tasting room is filled with great merchandise that would be a welcome gift to any fan of beer or spirits.

Driftwood Brewery

Distinct and local, Driftwood Brewery aspires to create a unique profile in every beer they make. This brewery continues to uphold a commitment to never cut corners on quality, character or style.

Spring is here, and Driftwood’s New Growth Pale Ale celebrates the return of locally crafted beer with regionally-harvested ingredients. Driftwood Brewery and Sartori Cedar Ranch have combined their savvy to craft this unquestionably British Columbian Pale Ale. Sartori’s Centennial and New Port hops shine through in this refreshing session beer.


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