Great Canadian Beer Festival Beer List Now Available! (Updated! Complete List)

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Update: All Breweries now listing their beers! Updates in Blue, again, things can change, but let the planning begin!

We’re less than a month away from one of the best events of the year. 2 days, 70+ Breweries, 200+ Beers, and just an all around great time.

Below is the list of beers being served at this year’s event, compiled from their website. I will update it to reflect any changes I see, and to fill in the TBDs.

This list is always subject to change, and always realise that nothing is guaranteed, and can vary from day to day. Breweries listing a single cask may only have it available for one day.

Keep an eye out, as I’ll have my list of recommended beers up soon.

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1. Superfruit IPA – [6.8% abv 40 IBU] Red Racer Superfruit IPA uses a light malt bill and plenty of late-addition hops to achieve a beer that is naturally fruity with mild bitterness. The beer is then infused with mango and passionfruit to give it a distinctly fruity aroma and flavour. Malts – pale, crystal. Hops – Mosaic, Citra

2. Pils – [5% abv 20 IBU] Red Racer Pils is brewed in the classic Bavarian tradition, using only the finest two-row barley and hops from the Hallertau region of Germany. This light and golden Pilsner has a distinct hop aroma and flavour with a dry, crisp finish. Malts – German and Canadian Pilsner, Munich, Cara. Hops – Perle, Hallertau, Tradition.

3. Lowrider Raspberry – [3.5% abv 15 IBU] The Low Rider Raspberry is refreshing and easy drinking with a little sweet, a little tart and some smooth raspberry to go with it. Enjoy chilled.

4. Thor’s Hammer – [11.5% abv 85 IBU] Matured for nearly a year, this award-winning barley wine is mahogany in colour and crafted from fine barley malt exuding deep, rich notes of dried fruit, plum and candy with a walnut ester Malts – Canadian pale ale, crystal malt, roasted malt. Hops – German Magnum, Horizon, Centennial, Cascade. 

MARINER (Booth 2)

​1. Venture Blueberry Sour – A sour ale brewed with 1000 pounds of local blueberries, lactose, and an aromatic extract of mosaic hops. Inspired by our drive to explore and discover, venture doesn’t fit within any established style of beer, but it is assuredly fruity, tart and delicious.

2. Mariner’s Northeast IPA – Bursting with bright and juicy hops. Lush malt and vibrant yeast temper the intense tropical fruit flavour, making this IPA seriously quaffable for hop-heads and casual craft drinkers alike.

3. Horizon Hazy Pale Ale – A bright, juicy, quenching pale ale brewed with abundant oats and mandarina hops.


1. Ransack The Universe IPA – [6.8% abv] Galaxy hops from Australia and Mosaic hops from Yakima deliver aromas and flavours of tropical fruits, mango and citrus. Light malt body lets the hops shine through, and finishes crisp but not bitter. A hemispheric hop mashup.

2. Mash Up The Jam Dry Hopped Sour – [5.2% abv] After the never ending battle between the hop heads and sour lovers we decided to appease the two. Using Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand and Citra from the Pacific North West this mixed fermentation brew is juicy, sour and extremely refreshing. Sour & hops in perfect, thirst quenching, melody!

3. Prophets and Nomads Gose, [4.5% abv] Our gose is an unfiltered wheat beer made with malted wheat. This creates a unique cloudy yellow colour and provides a refreshing crispness and twang. Our gose has a low hop bitterness and features coriander and Himalayan salt, adding hints of complimentary dryness, spice and a touch of sharpness to the beer.

CANOE (Booth 4)

1. Witbier – [4.5% abv IBU 8] A Belgian-style wheat beer. Light, summery and refreshing, with a dry, slightly tart finish. Brewed with Canadian wheat, lemon and orange rind, and a surprisingly citrus-like coriander seed. Cloudy & citrusy.

2. West Coast – [5% abv IBU 22] A dry-hopped pale ale. An expression of Pacific Northwest hop character, balanced by robust Canadian pale malt. Full flavoured with a mild, refreshing bitterness. Aromatic & mellow.  

3. White IPA (Seasonal) –  [5.7% abv IBU 40] A hoppy belgian-style wheat beer. Light and balanced, with tropical fruit aromas and a crisp, slightly tart finish. Made with Canadian wheat as a base malt, with additions of coriander and sweet orange peel.


1. Sour Citra – [5.2% abv 12 IBU] Generously dry-hopped sour ale, with fruity and ardent aroma.

2. Porter Baltique – [10% abv 27 IBU] Strong dark lager with flavour of coffee, chocolate, vanilla and a touch of smoke.

3. Gose – [3.8% abv 9 IBU] Sour ale slightly salted water with Guérande grey salt and aromatised with coriander seeds.

RAVENS (Booth 6)

1. Corvus Lingonberry Lime Gose – [4.5% abv 10 IBU] Winner of Best Contemporary Gose at the 2018 World Beer Cup, Corvus is the first gose that Ravens has made. We decided to add lingonberry and lime to complement the sour and saltiness present in a traditional gose.

2. Flying Dutchman Mosaic IPA  – [6.5% abv 40 IBU]Using Mosaic hops in the boil and fermentation creates aromas of tropical and stone fruit. A moderate bitterness rounds out the flavour creating a full-bodied easy drinking beer. 

3. Brut IPA – [6.2% abv 5 IBU] Ravens/Moody Ales Collaboration –  A brand new style that is quickly making its way up the West Coast. This incredibly dry IPA is like nothing that came before it.


1. Broken Islands Hazy IPA – This hazy IPA is anything but expected. There’s some something new to be discovered around every corner: bold citrus aromas and flavours lead to a lingering, juicy finish.

2. Twisted Stalk Blackberry Helles – This summer fruit beer uses the blank canvas of a Munich Helles in place of the crust of the perpetual summer favourite: blackberry pie.

3. Tidal Series, Harvest Saison – A harvest beer built with the twilight of summer, and dawn of fall in mind. This rustic saison pairs perfectly with the spicy, complex flavours of quince, while the addition of tart cranberry, and hearty spelt herald the fall season.

FERNIE (Booth 8)

1. Hit the Deck Hazy IPA – [6.4% abv 40 IBU] An IPA style made famous by breweries on the East Coast. It’s light, cloudy, low in bitterness, but high in hop flavor and aroma.The highest dry hop of our IPAs, it features juicy, citrusy Amarillo, Mosaic, Falconer’s Flight and Azacca hops.

2. Java the Hut –Coffee milk stout [5% abv 40 IBU] Local Crowsnest coffee roasters supplies our blend of coffee beans. Added to the mash, along with chocolate, Black Prinz and roasted malts, while milk sugar gives a dreamy smoothness.

3. What the Huck – Huckleberry wheat ale [5% abv IBU 15] Native to the Rocky Mountain region, the huckleberry is prized for its sweetness and deep colour. We’ve blended it with wheat to create a smooth and creamy beer with a touch of huckleberries. Year round favourite!

4. CASK #1:  Milkshake IPA – [6.4% abv 68 IBU] Real peel with lactose, vanilla, peach juice, Vic Secret hops. 

5. CASK #2:  Margarita Blonde – [5% abv 10 IBU] Wheat ale with lime juice and tequila.


1. Nail Head Canadian Pale Ale – [5.4% abv 43 IBU] A medium bodied English inspired ale, all about balance. Dry hopped taste of stone fruit, pine resin and a steady malt backbone.

2. Miss Lead Oatmeal Stout – [5.8% abv 26 IBU] A full-bodied, jet black, rich and creamy old-world ale. Notes of dates and molasses accompany the dark chocolate and roast malt topped with a thick creamy layer of foam.

3. Best Bitter – [3.8% abv 45 IBU] Bitter in name only, this is the working-class English pub beer; light and fruity with biscuity malt flavours. This is one of the most balanced of the British styles — olde world malt is the perfect counterpoint to traditional English hops. 

4. CASK: Black IPA – Dry-hopping with Mango and Amarillo hops lends resinous mango flavours with hints of apricot, light notes of chocolate and stone fruit.


1. Cinders Red Rye Ale – [6% abv 58 IBU] Pours an auburn red. The malty rich backbone is accentuated by a juicy hop aroma and flavour, followed with a spicy crisp finish that only rye can provide.

2. Fast Lane IPA – [6.5% abv 70 IBU] Hops and more hops. Brewed with pilsner malt to let the hops play the lead role. This light bodied IPA is deceptively easy to drink. Aromas and flavours of fresh citrus and tropical fruit dominate. 

3. Clearcut Lager – [5% abv 20 IBU]  A traditional German Pilsner style lager. Light and refreshing, the delicate malt flavor is balanced with subtle European hop flavour and aroma. 

4. CASK: School’s in Session – [4.5% abv 45 IBU] This India session ale is packed with a bright hoppy flavour. This clean crisp ISA has been cask conditioned with fresh mango, and dry hopped with Vic Secret to make flavours of pineapple and passion fruit pop.


1. Flagship IPA – [5.7% abv] Our new Flagship IPA is generously hopped with a trio of southern-hemisphere hops: Mosaic, Galaxy and Citra. It pours with a cloudy glow and an intense juicy, tropical fruit aroma and flavour giving way to a balanced bitterness. Flagship IPA is an unfiltered and unique steam-brew–four years in the making and truly worth the wait. 

2. NXNW IPA – [6.8% abv] Our North by North West IPA pays tribute to the famous craft brewing region we call home, featuring malt and hops sourced from the Pacific Northwest. This clean hop intensive brew features strong dank, pine and citrus notes up front and finished dry with a moderate bitterness.

3. Premium Craft Lager – [5% abv] Steamworks Premium Craft Lager has been steam brewed and deliberately aged to be distinctly flavourful and exceptionally easy-drinking. Our new lager features the highest quality ingredients available and is a crisp, clean and refreshing beer perfect for any occasion. 

4. CASK: Pumpkin Ale – [6.5% abv] Steamworks’ Pumpkin Ale is brewed in the fall with over 100lbs of freshly harvested pumpkin. Pumpkin pie spices are added to the hopback to give this beautifully balanced ale nuances of homemade pumpkin pie.

AXE & BARREL (Booth 12)

1. Hopline Bling – [4.5% abv] Wild Table Saison. This is a hoppy session ale brewed with oats and wheat. Refreshing body with wafts of wafts of tropical fruit and laid back spice. Saison and on, all day long on the “Bling.”

2. Fruity Mother Pucker – [4% abv] Berliner-style fruit sour. Delicious mix of summer berries. Raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry. Not brewed by a single dingleberry. Soured with a multi strain selection of lactoball-cillus. This summer sour is super dope.

3. Langford Lager – [4.8% abv] Straw coloured, easy drinking North-American style pilsner beer. Brewed with Canadian barleycorns and imported German hops. A style of beer you would want to drink after working hard in the yard on a hot summer day or battling dinosaurs at your local.

4. CASK: Mango and the Dirty Dozen – [4.5% abv] Mango and Peach Sour. Fermented with 12 strains of Brettanomyces. Hand pulled with one of them pull things from the medieval days.


1. IPA – [7% abv 70 IBU] The character of stone-fruits, berries, tropical fruits and pine are all evident from the liberal use of North American hops. Firm and lasting bitterness on the finish satisfies, hides the alcohol and increases the beer’s drinkability. 

2. Belgian Blond – [6% abv 50 IBU] Pilsner malt lends the light colour and subtle grainy malt character. The Belgian yeast blends with ample amounts of European hops for a floral and herbal flavour and aroma. The dryness and moderately firm bitterness make it refreshing and drinkable. 

3. Saison – [6% abv 40 IBU]  A Belgian style ale also known as a farmhouse ale. Historically brewed in the spring to be served in the autumn. Dry with earthy yeast tones with a moderate tartness. Lots of spice with mild bitterness.


1. Breakfast Stout – [6.7% abv] Big, bold and surprisingly smooth, this jet black oatmeal stout features notes of chocolate and espresso.

2. Raspberry Wheat Ale – [7.5% abv] Sweet, strong & juicy, this wheat ale is dangerously crushable and perfect for the summer months.

3. Helles Lager – [5% abv] This German style lager has a subdued hop profile, a medium malt body and is brewed using the finest Bohemian floor malted barley & Hallertau hops.

4. CASK: West Coast IPA – [6.3% abv] With six different hop varieties, this IPA has huge flavours of tropical fruit that transition into a pine & resin finish, balanced off by a medium malt body.


1. Haze Junction Session NEIPA – [5.2% abv] There are no bittering hops in this hazy session beer. Just a boat load of whirlpool and dry hops!

2. Spruce Tip Pale Ale – [5% abv] One of Winterlong’s most sought after seasonals. We handpick every spruce tip during the spring, just enough for four batches per year.

3. Reckless Abandon (8.5%) DIPA:  – [8.5% abv] Intense tropical and citrus flavours from Citra and Simcoe hops. Be warned, this beer is extremely well balanced and way too drinkable.

TOWNSITE (Booth 16)

1. Zwarte Wheat — A citrusy sipper with zest. Addition of midnight wheat adds a layer of bready notes to this otherwise light and tangy Belgian witbier.

2. Perfect Storm Oatmeal Stout — rich, round, roasty oatmeal stout using flaked oats and roasted barley to add to our house roast malts and hopped with Columbus, Cascade & Golding!

3. LUFF (L’union Fait La Force) — A sessionable ale that is hoppy and silky smooth thanks to the addition of oats to the mash.

4. CASK:  Wild Zunga with apricots and lemon verbena.

OFF THE RAIL (Booth 17)

1. Czechmate Pilsner – [5.2% abv 22 IBU] Our Czech style pilsner combines premium pilsner malt and just the right amount of bittering hops to give this medium-bodied pilsner a full, well-rounded flavour. A unique taste boldly finished with the noble Czech Saaz hop.

2. Classic Pale Ale – [5.0% abv 40 IBU ] Our pale ale is made from premium 2-row and lightly roasted English Barley. With well-rounded caramel flavor and pleasantly finished with traditional Golding hops, our ale will satisfy your taste buds and take you back to your favourite Old English Inn.

3. Ral Mahal Spicy India Ale – [5.4% abv 40 IBU ] A perfect blend of two-row Pilsner and Marris Otter grains bring a lovely balance to this lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf infused India ale. Soft, refreshing and subtle flavours finishing with Citra hops.


1. Passionfruit Destiny IPA – [6% abv 62 IBU] A light, easy going malt profile w/ delicate aromas of mandarine oranges, grapefruit and infused with fresh passionfruit that launch your tastebuds into the cosmos.

2. Gin & Lime Pilsner – [5.3% abv 25 IBU] A crisp, refreshing pilsner brewed with fresh limes and infused with Unruly Gin from Wayward Distillation House out of Courtenay, B.C.

3. Shiori Peach Sour – [6% abv 7 IBU] A refreshing and tart wheat kettle sour brewed with fresh peaches.

4. CASK: Strawberry Witbier w/Lychee berries – [4.9% abv 8 IBU] Fresh strawberries and honey blended into a Belgian style wheat beer and infused with lychee berries make for a refreshing experience you won’t forget.


1. Hail Saison – [5.0% abv] Dry Hopped saison with honeydew brewed with Pilsner malts, oats and wheat, Hail saison is a refreshing, fruity delight enhanced by the addition of painstakingly hand juiced honeydew melons and German Huell Melon hops. Worship nice weather.

2. Grannyvine – [6.5% abv] Double dry hopped IPA. A hazy gold in colour, dry hopped with El Dorado, Amarillo and Sorachi Ace hops. Notes of lemon, tangerine and black pepper.

3. Narcostanicos – [8% abv] Tequila barrel aged farmhouse ale with citrus. This farmhouse ale was aged for one year in tequila barrels then refermented with brettanomyces and citrus fruit, creating earthy flavours of herbs and spices.  


1. Numbskull Imperial IPA – Citra Edition – Numbskull Imperial IPA is our rotating IPA series, where we explore a new feature hop for each batch. Citra hops are used in our 4th rotator, creating refreshing lemon, lime and grapefruit flavours with a bitter kick.

2. Siren’s Echo Imperial Red Ale – This alluring Imperial red ale has secrets beneath the surface. Under the enticing waves of caramel and dark fruit lies a hoppy edge waiting to strike. Features Amarillo, Centennial, Columbus and Simcoe hops.

3. Nightwatch Coffee Lager – Locally produced cold brew coffee and crisp, clean, craft lager are blended seamlessly to create a one of a kind beer. Subtle tones of hazelnut, cinnamon and chocolate round out this distinct and refreshing brew, making Nightwatch Coffee Lager the perfect beer – day or night.

WHITE SAILS (Booth 21)

1. Departure Bay Session Ale – [4.6% abv 25 IBU]  Light and smooth, subtle malt base with a hint of wheat, paired with a light northwest hopping bringing on crisp, floral notes paired with a light grapefruit and citrus rind finish.

2. CASK: Mount Benson IPA  – [7.0% abv 60 IBU] Our flagship IPA, medium bodied with a hint of caramel malt sweetness, paired with a healthy dry hopping bringing juicy grapefruit, subtle tropical notes and a hint of pine on the finish.

3. CASK: Snake Island Cascadian Dark Ale – [6.5% abv 80] Medium bodied but full flavoured. Prominent chocolate and coffee notes pair with an earthy, piney, heavy handed hopping, balancing precariously in an in-your-face equilibrium of flavour.

4. Trestle Session Double Dry Hopped ISA – [4.3% abv 44 IBU Tropical and floral with more body than you would expect from an ISA, the Trestle Session delivers huge hop flavour paired with a delicate malt profile.

5. Cathedral Grove California Common – [5.0% abv 38 IBU] Malt forward with delicate toast and caramel notes , balanced by a UK-inspired earthy and fruity hop profile. Finished dry and crisp with little lingering hop bitterness.

4 MILE (Booth 22)

1. Tangerine Dream Ale American Wheat [4.2% abv 20 IBU] Fruity, light, citrusy This refreshing and full-bodied ale is an amalgam of all that’s delicious. We blend in wheat malt and oats to bolster it and then balance that with citrusy hops. Sweet orange peel and fresh-ground coriander are added at the end of the boil to truly bring out the orange character. Truly unique and delicious.

2. Hazy Citra Pale Ale American Pale Ale [5.5% abv 60 IBU] Hoppy, Juicy, citrusy. Don’t be scared by its hazy appearance – this beer is meant to be cloudy. The huge amounts of dry hops and special British yeast strain combine to create a beer that tastes like … juice! It’s a tropical, citrusy hop punch that requires no bendy straws.

3. Blackberry Session Ale Fruit Ale [4.25% abv 18 IBU] Fruity, refreshing. We started this one with a clean and crisp base, then aged it on a mountain of blackberries. We kept the IBUs low and the alc at 4.25% to truly showcase the blackberry. This crisp, refreshing session ale goes down easy and will have you coming back for more.

SWANS (Booth 23)

​1. GCBF Collaboration Dunkelweizen – [5.5% abv] Gerry and John showed up to Swans one day, and we fired up a Dunkelweizen. Gerry sweat his a** off dumping grain in the mill. John took pictures. Rob & Matt asked questions. All four drank… a bit. We brewed some beer. It all worked out.

2. Vikes Lager – [4.7% abv] Even though Swans is owned by UVic, and all our proceeds go to support student services anyways, we wanted to brew a beer where part of the proceeds support Vikes Athletics directly. So we did. Go Vikes!!!

3. Red Pils – [4.6% abv] Roses are red, And ready for plucking. You’re at least 19, and Ready for Beer Fest.

GLADSTONE (Booth 24)

1. Gladstone Belgian Single – The focus is to be crisp and drinkable, with light and refreshing fruit and spice flavours maintaining interest while floral hop character rounds out the finish.

2. Gladstone Hazy Pale Ale – A hazy pale ale with orange glowing haze reminiscent of grapefruit juice with a persistent white head. Aromas of tropical and stone fruits remain with a background of hop character. This beer is hazy due to high protein malts and suspended yeast and hop particles.

2. Gladstone Pilsner – smells of crisp yeast and lightly spicy hops. Noticeably bitter, the combination of generous hopping and Pilsen malt results in an extremely refreshing brew. A light toasted finish creates a full body that remains dry and does not linger on the tongue.

MOODY (Booth 25)

​1. Huge Citrus Hazy Pale Ale – [6.1% abv 35 IBU] Tropical fruit, stone fruit, orange, grapefruit & pomelo. Finishes with a very balanced bitterness. Super crushable!

2. Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen – [4.8% abv 18 IBU]  Banana, Clove, Pineapple & Stone Fruit. Mix together German Yeast, American hops, and pineapple juice and it adds up to sunshine. That’s beer math.

3. Wild Sour Lavender Gruit – [4.5% abv 0 IBU] : Ancient style brew with no hops, infused with lavender. Floral notes, along with a subtle lemon finish.

4. CASK 1 – Margarita Pineapple Hefe – [4.8% abv 16 IBU] : Pineapple Hefe infused with Tequila, Lime juice, Orange Liqueur & salt.

5. CASK 2 – Lemon Cranberry IPA – [6.8% abv 60 IBU] West Coast IPA infused with fresh cranberries, lemon juice & zest. Fruity, floral and tart!


1. Stiff Jab Pale Ale – [5.3% abv] A classic North American pale ale, combining English and North American malts with generous additions of Cascade and Willamette hops. A well balanced, dry pale ale, with a solid body and mouth feel.

2. Sandcut Saison – [5.6% abv]  The addition of rye brings a pleasing spicy character to this medium-bodied Belgian saison.

3. CASK: Mystic Beach Lemon Grass Wheat (Pin Cask, Friday) – [6% abv] Citra Hops and fresh Lemongrass pack this North American Wheat Ale with bright aromas and refreshing citrus flavours.

4. CASK: Moscow Brew-le – [5% abv] A solid take on the classic Moscow Mule cocktail. This cask ale has hefty ginger spice and sharp lime to celebrate summer.

BRITANNIA (Booth 27)

1. Sea Maiden Watermelon Sour – Sour in nature, this briny Sea Maiden will offer the scent of an ocean’s breeze. Fermented with lactobacillus, watermelon meets pink Himalayan salt for a crisp, light, and refreshing retreat.

2. Sirens Chai Saison –  The Sirens call to lure you into this refreshing and effervescent farmhouse ale. Kettling a local chai tea blend of rooibos, orange, star anise, clove and pepper all adding up to give off a unique spice aroma that compliments our Belgian yeast.

3. Ashore Rye Porter – A twist on the traditional brown style porter, a portion of malted rye is added which gives a spicy finish, chocolate flavours with hints of nuts and lightly roasted coffee make this a sessionable dark ale. We only use the finest British and local malts, which create a distinct sweetness as this ale warms in the glass.

BOMBER (Booth 28)

1. Parklife Passionfruit Ale – [4.5% abv 15 IBU] A refreshing blonde ale infused with passionfruit for a crisp tart flavour and full tropical aroma.

2. Skyline Helles Lager – [5% abv 18 IBU] Perfectly balanced and eminently drinkable, this Helles-style lager has been expertly crafted with all German malts, hops and yeast.

3. Hazy Shades of Summer Dry Hopped Tropicale – [5.4% abv 35 IBU] Citrus and tropical fruit aromatics in a refreshing, North East inspired ale.

4. Russian Imperial Stout –  [9.5% abv 65 IBU] Inspired by the English exports of the 18th century, and brewed with 14 types of malt for a bold roasted character.

CATEGORY 12 (Booth 29)

​1. Dry-Hopped Sour – Complex and refreshing, this light and distinctly tart beer has been soured with a mixed Lactobacillus culture and fermented with Saccharomyces trois wild yeast. To balance the acidity we generously dry hopped with new German hop varieties Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon, which showcase aromas of summer fruit.

2. Mainframe Red Ale – Our Mainframe red ale embodies the essence of compatibility; light and fruity aromas evoked by Belgian-inspired brewing techniques are married with a malt-forward base.

3. Wild IPA – Our Wild IPA is fermented with an untamed wild yeast call Saccharomyces trois. This yeast imparts an enticing tropical fruit aroma with a slightly tart finish that complements our hop profile. The result is an assertive IPA with layers of luscious fruit, citrus and spicy character.

FACULTY (Booth 30)

1. London Fog Ale – [5.1% abv 17 IBU] Smooth, easy-drinking ale infused with Silk Road London Fog organic black tea blend. Flavours of bergamot, vanilla and spice complement a creamy mouthfeel.

2. Amarillo Hazy Pale Ale – [5.4% abv 41 IBU] Inspired by the Spanish word for yellow, we created a bright, hazy, and refreshing pale ale. Dry-hopped with Amarillo, this beer packs a punch of peach, mango, and apricot.

3. Brut IPA – [7.4% abv 50 IBU] A champagne-style IPA: super dry and highly carbonated. Dry-hopped with Galaxy and Amarillo, this IPA has all the wonderful citrusy hop flavour without the bitterness.

4. Tart Guava Pale Ale – [5.1% abv 37 IBU] This beer combines the delicious aromas from a West Coast pale with a hint of tartness from a kettle sour. Citrus, tropical, and floral notes from the generous additions of Falconer’s Flight hop blend and guava purée is complemented by a refreshing, tart finish.


1. CASK: West Coast Farm House Saison – [5.9% abv 36 IBU ] Funky-Franco-Belgian yeast flavours get a refreshing West Coast twist, thanks to locally grown Pacific Northwest hops. Think pepper, spice and fruit with a bold hop finish.

2. Lion Summer Ale – [4.7% abv 19 IBU] Lively tropical fruit notes are balanced with subtle biscuity flavours and a slightly tart, refreshing finish. 

3. False Creek Raspberry Ale – [4.5% abv 11 IBU] Juicy and ultra-refreshing, real Fraser Valley raspberries give it a bright colour and fresh aroma. This summer ale has a pale malt character that accents the bright fruity flavours to make sure it stays refreshing, and not too sweet.

4. La Joya – [7.5% abv 69 IBU] Our evolved SoCal IPA is now more pale, has a dryer finish, and uses Denali, and locally grown Cashmere hops for a combination of mango, papaya, and passionfruit flavours and aromas. A big, fruity, IPA with a pale orange tint. 

TWA DOGS (Booth 32)

1. Keekin’ Glass Pilsner – [5% ABV 20 IBU] The ‘mirror’ pilsner is unfiltered for the fullest body and flavour, so don’t expect this bold and candid pilsner to reflect the summer sun’s rays. Instead, The Keekin’ Glass is deep, beaming with character and refreshing liveliness. Using the finest NZ Pacifica and Motueka hops, with the best malts and keenest brewers eye, this pilsner doesn’t conform. No bones, no gimmicks, no compromises.

2. Drouthy Neibor IPA – [7% abv 60 IBU] Brewed with only Canadian grown malt barley, Thirsty Neibor encourages you to be part of the community. We use a magic blend of 4 hop varieties crafting a boisterous tale of citrus, tropical & stone fruit flavours. Do the right thing and be a good neighbour.

3. Rebel Run ESB – [5.4%] Classic extra special bitter ale brewed with UK malts hops and yeast. Expect rich toffee and caramel malt flavours balanced with firm and earthy bitterness, and enough fruity yeast-derived esters to transport you back to Old Blighty.

33 ACRES (Booth 33)

1. 33 Acres of Echo – [4.5% abv] A blonde, India session ale with grassy and candied tropical notes. A grassy, citrus flavour ends with a lingering pine finish.

2. 33 Acres of Sunshine [5.0% abv] A hazy blonde beer in the style of French blanchè. Fruity aroma of orange peel, coriander and black liquorice. Fruity flavour has hints of orange peel, coriander, black liquorice with a sweet aftertaste. 

3. 33 Acres of Euphoria – [9.2% abv] Hazy gold Belgian tripel with ripe banana, spice aroma. Flavour is ripe banana, spice, fruit, and lemon peel bitterness. World Beer Cup Silver Medal (2016/2018)

4. 33 Acres of Cid3r – [6.9% abv] Cask style house cider. Hazy blonde cider with flavours of tart apple and lemon peel and a dry, ripe-apple sweetness.


1. Saison du Pinacle – [6.5% alc 50 IBU] Hoppy farmhouse ale fermented with our house strain blend of saison yeasts and brett with Citra, Simcoe, Topaz and Saaz hops.

2. No Tahoma Farmhouse Pale Ale – [5.9% abv 45 IBU] Pale ale with brettanomyces and dry-hopped

3. Mata-Hari – [4.5% abv 0 IBU] Göse with star fruit and kefir limes leaves. No hops. 


1. Scurvy Dog Spruce Ale – Bright summer ale brewed once a year when the Sitka Spruce tips are out. Fresh spruce tips give this beer a sweet berry flavour.

2. Foggy Harbour IPA – A North East IPA made with a hefty amount of soft oats and raw wheat. Uber drinkable with a soft mouthfeel and a restrained bitterness. 

3. Intertidal Gose – Sour, salty wheat ale.  Briny, salt taste from seaweed hand harvested in Hunts Inlet, BC.

IRONROAD (Booth 36)

1. Locomotive Lager – A clean and crisp Czech style lager.

2. Loopline IPA – This IPA is a fruit and citrus forward IPA made with oats, wheat and barley.

3. Boomer Wild Ale – This is a dry hopped mixed fermentation beer. Citra shines with a slight tartness.


1. Sea Run Saison – [7.5% abv 20 IBU] – A traditional Belgian farmhouse ale brewed with dual French and Belgian yeast strains. This light and spicy, fruit flavoured beer makes the ultimate summer evening companion.

2. Comfortably Chum Hefeweizen – [5.5% abv 15 IBU]  A traditional German style Hefeweizen with Canadian pilsner and brewed with malted wheat. A special German wheat beer strain adds a fantastic bouquet aroma and flavours of banana and clove. Lightly hopped with German Hallertau and finished with sweet orange peel. A complex recipe for simple pleasure. 

3. Salish Sea Pale Ale – [5.0% abv 35 IBU] West Coast pale ale brewed with a combination of quality Canadian pale and British crystal malts, Caramalt and a touch of malted wheat. Additions of flavourful West Coast, Mosaic and Chinook hops complete this beer with a citrus fruit characteristic.

4. CASK Friday: Jagged Face Sitka Spruce IPA – [7.2% abv 70 IBU] Our Jagged Face India pale ale flavoured with Sitka Spruce tips! Canadian pale and Munich malt complement select tropical hops including Centennial, Citra & Amarillo to create our flavourful version of a well balanced, but powerful IPA. 

5. CASK Saturday: Jagged Face Grand Fir IPA – [7.2% abv 70 IBU] Our Jagged Face India pale ale flavoured with Grand Fir tips! Canadian pale and Munich malt complement select tropical hops including Centennial, Citra & Amarillo to create our flavourful version of a well balanced, but powerful IPA.

BRIDGE (Booth 38)

1. The Fuzz Peach Milkshake IPA – A milkshake IPA is an unfiltered, northeast style IPA that contains lactose, which gives the beer a touch of sweetness and a creamy, smooth, body. We brew the Fuzz with the addition of peach and vanilla, and dry hop with amarillo and citra, which lends aromas of peach and grapefruit.

2. Bourbon Blood Orange Wheat Ale – This American wheat ale is a crisp, refreshing summer brew. Pouring a hazy orange colour, this beer was brewed with the addition of blood orange peel and bourbon. Zesty and floral, clean citrus flavours and a smooth oaky finish, this beer is ideal for a warm summer day.


BLIND ENTHUSIASM — ZestyZee – [4.5% abv] This unfiltered wheat beer displays classic banana and spice character, a tart, thirst quenching finish and has a round, full body.

BLINDMAN BREWING — Pierre: Turn 1 Foeder-aged golden saison. The first fill of one of our French oak foeders, first fermented in stainless, then secondary in oak with our own custom Brett blend.

TOWN SQUARE BREWING — Beets By Sinden Sour This sour was created by brewer Drew Sinden using chopped beets in the kettle and then again during fermentation. Hitting all the flavour notes, Beets by Sinden is tart, earthy, fruity and loaded with citrus!

THE DANDY BREWING CO. — Wild Sour Ale [7.5% abv] A bold, dry-hopped sour ale fermented with a wild yeast strain. An upfront sourness is balanced with wild yeast character for a rich sour experience. Dry. 

RED TRUCK (Booth 40)

​1. Citra Blonde Ale – This dry hopped blonde ale pours the colour of summer straw. Pine and citrus aromas lead into a balanced and juicy tangerine, lemon and Chinese pear flavour. Aromatic malts and oats provide a balanced sweetness, clean finish, and allow hop character to shine.

2. EL Space Camino Ale -This delicious dry hopped pale ale has a pronounced passion fruit and citrus aroma with light watermelon and stone fruit flavour that peeks out to say hello. Munich and amber malts provide a balanced yet pronounced maltiness, clean finish, and allow hop character to shine.

3. Red Truck Round Trip IPA – When we first set out to make our IPA, we wanted to brew a well-balanced beer that you could drink without destroying your palate or blowing a gasket. We used a combination of late kettle, whirlpool addition, and dry hopping to preserve the oils that give you the bold aroma you have come to love. The result was an easy drinking IPA that showcases five of the best hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest.

4. CASK: Orange & Habanero IPA – This IPA has been juiced up with blood orange and habanero pepper. Sweet, spicy and refreshing; This beer finishes in a perfect harmony of flavours.

POWELL (Booth 41)

1. Ode to Citra Pale Ale – Our West Coast style pale ale showcases the tropical juiciness of the Citra hop. Aromas of mango and passionfruit lead into flavours of sweet citrus, with a subtle malt finish. A tribute to one of our favourite hops, this amber coloured beer is as flavourful as it is sessionable. [5.5% abv  35 ibu]

2. Lazy D’haze IPA – A North Eastern style hazy IPA showcasing the juiciness of Amarillo and Equinox hops. Intense aromas of grapefruit, orange, apricot, melon, and berries are highlighted by the use of pale ale malt , vienna malt, and wheat. Let’s enjoy these Lazy D’haze. [7% abv  58 ibu] 

3. Dive Bomb Dark Ale – This dark ale is light, refreshing, and sessionable. Flavours of caramel, toffee, chocolate and nuts are complimented with Golding hops that add just the right amount of bitterness and a slight floral aroma. [5% abv  33 ibu]

PARALLEL 49 (Booth 42)

1. Trash Panda Hazy IPA: Trash Panda is a North East style hazy IPA. Huge amounts of dry hopping give this beer complex notes of melon, tropical fruit, and pear.

2. Very Cherry Smoothie Sour: Very Cherry is the third smoothie sour in our smoothie sour series and is a mixed-culture sour saison. We used refermented cherry juice and a blend of vanilla beans and lactose to create a soft mouthfeel and a creamy, fruity, smoothie-like impression.

3. Son of a Peach Tart Peachweisse: A sessionable, easy-drinking summer beer inspired by the German Berliner weisse, fermented with 2100 lbs of peaches (50H batch) and blended with a sour white ale aged in a foeder for one year. This light and refreshing beer is loaded with fruity ripe peach aroma with hints of stone fruit and mango, finishing with a crisp, effervescent, tart bite.

PHILLIPS (Booth 43)

1. Tiger Shark Citra Pale Ale – Pours a slightly hazy golden straw colour with a clean pillow white head. Citrus and passion fruit aromas erupt from the can, with fresh, fruit forward hop flavours wrapped in a bright medium bodied ale that finishes clean.

2. Electric Unicorn White IPA – Belgian Wit yeast and a heavy dry hop dominate the profile of this brew. Balanced malt and minimal bitterness showcases Northwest hops and complex esters in a very drinkable package. Expect typical Belgian Wit esters and fruity, complex aromas.

3. Blue Buck – Pouring a medium amber colour with a straw head. Light crystal malts and subtle Northwest hops drive the aroma, while body and mouthfeel are kept light and drinkable. Clean finishing and subtle in every way.

4. CASK 1 – Test Pattern Rice IPA with Kefir Lime Leaf & Dragonfruit

5. CASK 2 – Solaris with fresh Guava

BACKROADS (Booth 44)

1. Saison – A silky smooth, refreshing, Belgian style farmhouse ale suitable for any time of year. The unique strain of yeast adds spicy, peppery, fruity, and citrus notes to this ale. Pours a rich orange hue topped by a thick white head.

2. First Descent NWIPA – A classic hop-forward Northwest IPA. A clean malt profile sets up an assertive citrus, pine and floral hop bouquet, balanced with notes of lemon, pear and apricot.

3. Citracilious HopLager – A crisp and refreshing lager generously hopped with the unique and lovely Citra hop variety. A clean malt profile is complimented by notes of grapefruit, melon, lime and gooseberry. 

4. CASK: Big Smokin’ Joe Smoked Baltic Porter – A bold and creamy Baltic porter infused with German beech wood Rauch malt, imparting a subtle smoked character. The multi-layered flavour profile includes notes of black licorice, molasses, raisin, and coffee.


1. Get Down On It IPA [7% abv 43 IBU] This oat cream IPA is hopped with Vic Secret, Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe. Oats and a hint of lactose sugar create an IPA that is smooth like silk, tropical like Tahiti, and creamy like cream.

2. All That and Then Some Pale Ale [4.7% abv 35 IBU] A light bodied pale ale with Pilsner and wheat malts. Featuring Mosaic hops with Citra, Simcoe, and Sorachi Ace to enhance the citrus character and floral tone of this sessionable ale.

3. Premium Pilsner [5% abv 32 IBU] A complex and rich Czech lager, with a considerable malt and hop character. Well-balanced with a long rounded finish.

DRIFTWOOD (Booth 46)

1. ​Naughty Hildegard E.S.B. – Showcasing Mosaic hops and a delicate blend of malts, this Extra Special Bitter was brewed with the very finest ingredients available. Naughty Hildegard ESB supports big flavours of guava, mango and citrus to deliver a juicy hop-malt balance. A Pacific Northwest jam on a UK classic.

2. Raised By Wolves – I.P.A. – Born of Ekuanot hops and and raised under the influence of Sacchromyces trois, this beast has developed a taste for mango, citrus and melon, with a nose to match. Hear the call, this one was abandoned to the wild!

3. Goldynwell – West Coast Table Beer – Stylistically of Swedish origin, Folkol is brewed as a full flavoured session beer with a very low ABV. Goldynwell includes oat malt for added body and depth with an elevated hop profile that builds in extra complexity and character.

4. CASK 1: Old Cellar Dweller – Barley Wine –  The ale shows huge malt body, with notes of caramel and toffee, complemented by ample hop bitterness to support. When young, it is a hoppy treat with plenty of citrus and pine; cellared for a few years and Cellar Dweller gracefully ages into a rich, round reward for patience, hinting at flavours of tawny port.

5. CASK 2: Singularity – Bourbon Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout – Beer of infinite density. Massive, rich coffee and chocolate flavour mingle with the vanilla and dried fruit. A beer to be shared and savoured.

BEAU’S (Booth 47)

1. Farm Table Hopfenlager – [6.6% abv IBU 45] – In Hopfenlager, the clean, crisp backdrop of a lager sets the stage perfectly for allowing the herbal and light peppery spice characteristics of Alsatian Barbe Rouge and Mistral hops to truly shine. A perfect choice for the lager-lover who just can’t get enough hops.

2. Halcyon: Infinity Mirror Brett IPA – [6.5% abv] Infinity Mirror is an India pale ale that is fermented with wild yeast, and aged in red wine barrels. This hop-forward ale features organic Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin and Centennial varieties, and packs in a healthy dose of classic brett funk.

3. Tagwerk Witbier with Quince – [6.9% abv 18 IBU] Witbier with Quince is the inaugural release from Tagwerk, part of Beau’s + Friends series. This elegant Belgian-style wheat beer is brewed with organic quince juice, coriander, and hibiscus flowers.

BIG ROCK (Booth 48)

1. Rhinestone Cowboy – Kolsch style ale at 4.6% ABV has a pale straw-gold colour, a light fruity aroma, light body, and overall light delicate fruity notes.

2. Citradelic – [6% abv] Single-hop IPA has a nice copper colour, NW hop aromas, and smooth citrus and tropical tones supported by a smooth bitterness.

3. Rock Creek Pear Cider – [5.8% abv] This dry apple cider with pear has a light champagne colour, aroma and taste of fresh Bartlett pear.

FOUR WINDS (Booth 49)

1. Juxtapose Wild IPA – [6.5% abv 50 IBU) At the heart of this distinctive West Coast IPA stands the juxtaposition of ripe tropical fruit esters and wild yeast funk. Moderately bitter and gracefully balanced. Where orchards meet pastures. 

2. Elementary Lager – [4.5% abv 25 IBU] This crisp and uncomplicated lager is brewed with corn and New Zealand hops for a truly light body with subtle hints of lemon and lime.

3. Josta – [6.5% abv 15 IBU] Josta is a sour ale that was aged in oak barrels for 8 months on Sam and Van cherries before blended with fresh-pressed jostaberry juice. The addition of Brett C compliments the acidity of the cherries and jostaberries with fruity esters and aroma, providing a sweet yet earthy flavour that pairs well with the tartness of the berries.

HOYNE (Booth 50)

1. Helios Dortmunder – [6% abv]  In the tradition of the robust beers of the Ruhr district of Germany, this export strength golden lager is malt forward, and makes use of select German noble hops.

2. CASK: Appleton ESB – [5.2% abv]  Quaffable copper ale with deep malt body that packs a punch of earthy hop bitterness and finishes dry. (Cask will feature a surprise spin on this classic style)

3. Dark Matter – [5.3% abv]  Dark mahogany session ale with a soft palate and light body. Nutty chocolate aroma leads to deep, dark malt character balanced by subtle hops. This brew is as mysterious as the name that inspired it.

4. Alpha Acid IPA – [6.3% abv] – Introducing a new addition to the Hoyne Brewing family! Big additions of Idaho 7, El Dorado and Azacca hops make this slightly hazy, tropical IPA extra juicy. Brewed with the addition of wheat in the North-Eastern style with a great balance of hops, malt and mouth feel.

OLD YALE (Booth 51)

1. Moon Dance Mango Wheat – [5.0% abv] Smooth tropical freshness. Each batch of Moon Dance Mango Wheat is made with 900 fresh, ripe mangos. And, the very smooth texture lets the mango flavour shine through.

2. Sasquatch Stout – [5.0% abv] Coffee, chocolate and mystery. Voted “Best Beer in Canada” for 2014, our Sasquatch Stout is smooth with notes of mocha, coffee and roasted barley. 

3. West Coast IPA – Bold, hoppy goodness. Our West Coast IPA boasts huge hop flavour, but also a balanced drinkability. We pack over 50lbs of the much sought-after Citra and Galaxy hops into this IPA. 


1. Dry Irish Nitro Stout – Roasty, coffee-like aroma with undertones of freshly baked oatmeal cookies. Flavours of dark coffee and toast with a balancing bitterness. Lightly carbonated with a smooth texture and dry finish.

2. Pale Ale – Medium bodied, light coloured ale with juicy citrus and tropical fruit aromas from Citra hops. The pleasant citrusy hop flavour and modest bitterness is balanced with a light malt profile. A sessionable beer for the hop lover.

3. Oktoberfest Lager – Brewed in a traditional German Oktoberfest style, this seasonal amber lager has a light nutty aroma with a nicely rounded breadth flavour and a subtle spicy hop character.

LONGWOOD (Booth 53)

​1. Honey Hop Pale Ale [5% abv 18 IBU] Catch the buzz with Honey Hop Pale Ale – This killer beer features generous amounts of specialty honey malt coupled with Island-grown, craft-malted barley alongside a balanced hop profile. Grown and brewed right here in BC, this bold and balanced brew starts with a sweet body and finishes bright, not bitter.

2. Stoutnik Russian Imperial Stout – [7.5% abv 40 IBU] Our award winning stout is made using a combination of high alpha whole British hops like Target and Northern Brewer for bitterness and balanced against roasted, chocolate and black malts. Stoutnik is a complex and rich beer!

3. Wild Child Age: 18 Months – [6.5% abv 0 IBU] Children have been born and learned to walk in the time it took for this beer to submit to the organisms that created it. A deep complexity has evolved after exposure to yeast and bacteria that invisibly surround us.

4. CASK: Gose before Brose – [4.5% abv 5 IBU] A traditional Gose, moderately sour and crisp with a slight hint of salt and citrus. Cask conditioned with lemon & lime sea salt from Vancouver Island Salt Company.


1. Hot Box IPA –  [6.6% abv 80 IBU] This IPA is decidedly hop forward but not bitter. Subtle supporting malt character, and a dry finish with lingering floral hop notes. Malt: Maris Otter, dark Munich, Abbey malt, flaked barley. Hops: Simcoe, Mosaic, Columbus, Centennial, Citra. 

2. Raspberry Honey Hefe – [5.6% abv  20 IBU] Balanced aromas of raspberry and honey, with sweet tartness and subtle hints of clove and banana. Malt: 2-row, wheat, honey, melanoidin, torrified wheat. Hops: Centennial, Willamette. Other important stuff: raspberries, local honey

3. Lionhead Sour Ale:  Gose-Gruit w/ Lime – [5.3% abv  IBU N/A] Kettle soured and intensified by the addition of lime juice. Slight herbal character derived from the use of yarrow, mugwort, and dandelions balanced by a refreshing citrus bite, and the addition of Himalayan sea salt. Malt: wheat, 2-row, oats, caramunich III. Extra: Yarrow, mugwort, dandelion, orange peel, coriander, sea salt, lime.

STEEL & OAK (Booth 55)

1. Satsuma Dry Hopped Lager – [5.2% abv 20 IBU] (Limited release) A heavy dose of Mandarina Bavaria hops give this crisp and refreshing German lager notes of tangerine and citrus that will leave you saying, “Gee, thanks Steel & Oak for making lagers cool again.”

2. Rye Lager – [4.5% abv 23 IBU] (Limited release) This crisp German lager is brewed with rye malt and noble hops. Best enjoyed while wearing boat shoes and a nautical themed pashmina afghan.

3. Double India Pale Ale – [8.1% abv]  (Limited release) Juicy, hazy, well-balanced and drinkable. This double IPA’s aroma is packed full of tropical fruit, citrus and resin. A flavour that starts out bright and juicy then turns around and comes back with a refreshingly bitter finish.

EAST VAN (Booth 56)

1. When it Rains its Porter – [5% abv 32 IBU] American-style porter with pale, crystal, brown, double-roasted crystal, chocolate, black, and acidulated malts, oats, Columbus and EKG hops. Jet black with rich dark cocoa aromas and a smooth finish.

2. Wheelbite IPA – [6.5% abv 65 IBU] Pilsner, pale, light crystal malts plus flaked oats combine with a mix of Pacific Northwest and Australian hops to give a juicy stone fruit hop aroma with a lighter malt base. Medium bodied with good carbonation. Dry hopped with three unique varieties, this beer is brewed for all of East Van to enjoy. Cheers!

3. Bench Rest Buckwheat Ale – [4.5% abv 13 IBU] Pils malt with wheat, oats, and toasted buckwheat hopped with Perle hops. A Hefeweizen with an East Van twist using our Norwegian farmhouse yeast. Buckwheat adds some heartiness and oats add a fuller mouthfeel and the slightest bit of sweetness. Some nice citrus, lemon notes and very easy to drink.

RIOT (Booth 57)

1. Working Class Hero Dark Mild – [3.8% abv IBUs 14] This English dark mild, brewed with chocolate and crystal malts, has some roasted notes of chocolate and coffee. Staying true to style, the beer is lower in alcohol and remains fairly light in flavour and mouth feel. 

2. Sorry We Took So Long Saison – [4.2% abv IBU 19] This saison, brewed with Belgian yeast is crisp and dry with a slight fruity finish. Complex tropical aromatics add to the mystique of this sessionable beer.

3. Back in Black Gose – [5% abv IBU 6] Blackberry gose with black sea salt. A tart and dark wheat beer, this gose was made with Hawaiian black sea salt, blackberries and coriander. 

SMITHERS (Booth 58)

1. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Blonde – [4.9% abv] A straightforward American-style blonde ale, brewed with lactose and conditioned on a staggering amount of strawberries and locally-sourced rhubarb. Now you can have your pie and drink it too!

2. Flower Power Kettle Sour – [4.8% abv] A kettle-soured ale conditioned on five different types of flowers, including hops, chamomile, and hibiscus. Tangy, tropical, and fire-engine red, this sour offering from SBC is a perfect summer slammer! ABV – 4.8% IBU –

3. Apricot Wild IPA – [6.5% abv] A hefty New England-Style IPA that isn’t afraid to get a little funky. Co-fermented with London III and Sacc. Trois yeasts, conditioned on apricot purée, and generously dry-hopped with Medusa and Vic Secret hops. What’s not to love?

CANNERY (Booth 59)

1. Bonsai – Dry Hopped Rice Ale – [7% abv 30 IBU] Toasted rice creates a light bodied ale with huge tropical flavours from Citra and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

2. Blowing Raspberries – Mixed Berry Kettle Sour – [5.2 abv 15 IBU] Brewed with Pilsner and Wheat malts, soured with a custom lactobacillus blend from Escarpment Labs. This kettle sour beer received a heavy dose of raspberries and blackberries.

3. Naramata Nut Brown Ale – [5.5% abv 25 IBU] Rich dark malts are layered in a seamless manner. This full bodied brown ale is smooth and velvety. An Okanagan classic.

4. CASK: Friday – Coconut Porter – [6% abv 45 IBU] A traditional English-Style Porter with the addition of freshly toasted coconut.

5. CASK: Saturday -Strawberry Lemonade Extra Pale Ale – [6.5% abv 35 IBU] We took our Muse Extra Pale Ale and added strawberry lemonade white tea and Citra hops.


1. Light Side of the Moon – [4.2% abv 14 IBU] ] Unfiltered craft lager brewed with rice malts and sweet orange peel for a dry, refreshing finish. Welcome to the light side of craft beer.

2. Sprucey Fruit – [6.0% abv] Kettle sour dry hopped with Spruce Tips. Delicate lemon citrus flavours with a resinous woody aftertaste. 

3. Table Saison w/ Lemon and Rose Hips – [4.0 % abv 24 IBU] Sweet lemon citrus nose that leads to a dry floral finish. 

4. CASK: Year Six – [11.5% abv 25 IBU] Wheat beer aged in wine barrels for twelve months then dry hopped with Citra.

RED ARROW (Booth 61)

1. Blackberry Lager – Using fresh local blackberries, this crushable lager is crisp and slightly tart with a delicious aroma and subtle blackberry flavour.

2. Sweet Leaf IPA – This distinct IPA is balanced by a medium malt profile and has aromas of stone fruit followed by a tropical, floral hop flavour. 

3. Midnite Umber Ale – This light bodied amber ale has notes of toffee and brown sugar balanced by southern hemisphere hops.


​1. Glutenberg Blonde – Airy and lemony, this thirst quenching beer reveals floral and lightly herbal notes, making room for a dry and tasty finale.

2. Glutenberg American Pale Ale – A savoury concoction with citrusy notes, it perfectly showcases the brewery’s versatility. Its orange and grapefruit aromas softly temper the straight-up character of American hops.

3. Glutenberg White – The White’s distinction lies in its quinoa and amaranth composition, which endows it with a noticeable grainy profile, ensuring a steady mouth-feel.

4. Glutenberg IPA – The IPA a fan favourite. It has an aromatic nose full of citrus, lemon and floral notes, a crisp and sharp mouthfeel paired with light caramel and hoppy flavours.


1. Framboise Sour Ale – This beer spent a year in oak before and additional six months on local raspberries. 

2. Juice Monkey Tropical IPA – Big juicy, double dry-hopped IPA with a restrained bitterness. 

3. Bourbon Black Lager – A rich and velvety black lager, aged in bourbon barrels with aromatic vanilla notes. 

4. CASK-conditioned Fresh-Hop ESB – Our classic Mitchell’s ESB, conditioned with hops grown at Spinnakers.

DIEU DU CIEL (Booth 64)

1. Facteur Cosmique –  [10.6% abv] Aged in oak barrels, blend of brown beer fermented using our English ale yeast and one-third grape must from Vignoble Rivière du Chêne (Québec).

2. Rosée d’Hibiscus – [5.9% abv] Belgian hibiscus wheat, a delicate wheat beer with a lightly acidic, floral character. Perfumed aromas of fresh grapefruit. A refreshing ale perfect for summertime.

3. Ultra Mosaika – [5.4% abv] Ultra pale ale brewed with Mosaic hops. Brimming with resin and mandarin, the Ultra Mosaika reveals Mosaic hops in all their aromatic complexity. The beer’s fruity aromas blend nicely with its herbaceous and sprucy notes.


1. Scrumpy – [11% abv] A strong blend of sharp crab apples and tannic cider apples creates this distinctive, robust taste. Slowly fermented, aged to perfection in oak casks, then lightly carbonated to create the perfect craft sipping cider. In ancient England, the apples were stolen, or ‘scrumped,’ but ours are fresh from our own orchard.

2. Traditional – [7% abv] English-style cider made with the perfect blend of European cider apples grown in our own orchard. A dry effervescent cider with a good balance of body, fruitiness, tannins, and refreshment. A favorite of cider connoisseurs.

3. House – [6% abv] A refreshing effervescent cider in true English pub style. Crafted from a blend of English cider apples, it’s the perfect balance between sharps, bitters, and fruitiness. A favorite at local pubs and restaurants. 6% alc.

4. Jalisco Cidre – [6% abv] Senor Apple lost the Mexican standoff resulting in this refreshing real lime cidre. This seasonal pays homage to our familia in Jalisco Mexico where ‘limons’ grow everywhere. Back sweetened with agave syrup to give even more of that south of the border mouth feel, finishing slightly off dry to be enjoyed throughout the summer. 

5. Mo’Moro – [6% abv] An effervescent cider, dry hopped with Mosaic hops and refreshed with Moro blood orange juice. Crafted from a blend of English cider apples, it’s the perfect balance between sharps, bitters, and hoppy fruitiness.  

6. Merri Berri – [6%] A refreshing blend of local apples fermented slowly, then blended with BC blackcurrant, cherry and raspberry juices. Sweet, but balanced with the perfect acidity. Great for the patio, music festivals, or anytime. 

7. Cyser – [10%  abv ] A rich blend of aromatic cider apples and local wildflower honey from our own orchard. Inspired by the finest tradition of medieval England, where the Normans and Celts credited cyser with magical powers. Aged for several months to a year after bottling.


1. Mala-Hop – Our triple hopped cider; three organic hops, a blend of bittersweet, sweet, and wild fermented cider, with a hint of maple syrup for an off-dry finish. A beer-lovers cider.

2. Bamfield Bound – our original cider. It’s the same cider as the Mala-Hop, just without the hops. Off-dry, a hint of tartness and lightly carbonated to ensure the flavour is not masked with excess bubbles.

3. Coastal Blue – A truly west coast flavour: blueberry juice is added to our cider for a super refreshing and tasting cider. Medium-dry sweetness level, so its not a sugar bomb either.

4. Island Light Raspberry Shrub & Cider – New for 2018, this is a blend of our house made shrub (raspberry and apple juice, and apple cider vinegar) and our wild fermented cider. Deliciously low ABV – only 3%! Tasty & refreshing!

BC “ALE TRAIL”ER (Booth 67)

Fieldhouse – Salted Black Porter – [6.5% abv IBU 23] Brewed with traditional ‘dutch droppies’ (salted black licorice candies), our salted black porter offers flavours of coffee, licorice, chocolate and caramel, for a balanced malt profile and residual sweetness.

Whistler – Rescue Session Ale – Rescue Session Ale contains a pleasant and aromatic blend of tropical passion fruit, thanks to the addition of Citra hops, which contributes an abundance of grapefruit, pineapple, gooseberry and juicy citrus flavours. Idaho 7 hops lends to the background bitterness. This well crafted India session ale finishes clean, is easy to drink and is well balanced with a medium hop aftertaste.

Yellow Dog – High Five IPA – [7% abv 60 IBU] – This slightly hazy  beer provides flavours of mango and grapefruit with a balanced piney resinous finish. Bright, fresh and vibrant our newest hop potion has you racing to the end of the glass.

Backcountry – Trailbreaker Pale Ale [5% abv 35 IBU] This pale ale will likely come across more like a session IPA than most pale ales. We kept the malt profile light so the hops could shine. Copious amounts of Citra, Simcoe and Chinook were used to create a refreshingly fruity hop presence. This beer is unfiltered and unfined to leave as much flavour and mouthfeel in the finished beer as possible.

Kettle River – Loose Canoe DIPA : [7.1% abv 75 IBU] – Cut loose and head upstream with our bubbly, golden IPA. It’s richly hopped and the tasty citrus and resin aromas will get you where you need to go.

Twin City – Hush Money – Salted Lime & Agave Sour [5.1% abv 10 IBU] This limited seasonal beer was crafted using a house-grown culture of Lactobacillus. Hopped with Australian Ella hops, and flavoured Key lime, Brazilian sea salt, and organic blue agave. Pfft, Margarita? Who needs that when you have one of these.

Strange Fellows – Roxanne Sour Raspberry Grisette – A rich fuschia colour with the aroma of ripe raspberries this beer is made with wheat and pale malts, and fermented with Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces. Roxanne Sour Raspberry Grisette starts with a quaffable table saison, which is then soured in the kettle, and then hammered with a few hundred pounds of black raspberries.

Gibsons Tapworks – One Sailing Wait – A citrus-forward West Coast IPA with plenty of aromatics. One Sailing Wait is light in colour, crisp and refreshing.

Beach Fire – High Tide Pale Ale [5.5% abv] A classic West Coast pale ale with big hop aroma and flavour. It’s sure to satisfy all your hop cravings with bold flavours of tropical fruit, citrus and pine, but without all the bitterness and strong alcohol of today’s IPAs.

Cumberland – Forest Fog American Wheat –  [4.3% abv] Not a Heff, just citrusy, light and refreshing.



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