10 ways to make the most of your BC Craft Beer Month

October has a lot of things going for it: Thanksgiving, Halloween, cooler temperatures, darker beers, turkey, stuffing, and more. One thing that makes it one of my favourite months though is that it is a month all about BC Craft Beer.

Since 2011, and with an official proclamation declaring it so, October has been known as BC Craft Beer Month, and so much care and attention has been put into making sure this month gets its due. So, you’re asking, how exactly do I celebrate BC Craft Beer Month? Well, with BC Craft Beer of course, but to help guide you on some great ways to do so, here’s a list of ways to make the most of it

1. Follow BC Craft Beer Month’s Social Media

This is a great first step. Daily, their social media showcases a style, with locally produced examples, and provides a great explanation of what to expect. You can find links to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and make a month of trying to enjoy and keep up with the beers being featured.

2. Find an Oktoberfest Event near you and do as the Germans do.

An afternoon or evening of big malty german-style lagers, pretzels, sausage, and schnitzel? There’s no way you can go wrong with that. Check out your local breweries for events near you.

3. Make your way to North Vancouver for their 2nd annual North Shore Craft Beer Week.

I’ve heard nothing but good things from last year’s inaugural event, and the fact that the launch party is already sold out and resold tickets are in high demand just says how warranted this event is, and how North Vancouver’s scene is definitely one to keep an eye on.

4. Do something for the 1st Annual Canadian Beer Day on October 9th

A celebration of all things Canadian beer, this new day on the calendar is meant to honour, enjoy, and appreciate the beer we know and love. More details are available at https://canadianbeerday.ca/.

5. Attend Fresh to Death in Victoria on October 12th.

October is Harvest Season, so why not get the freshest crops you can, all in one place. The team behind the Victoria Beer Society returns once again with the great combination of both fresh and dank for this afternoon of everything fresh hopped.

6. Rub elbows with the industry at the BC Craft Brewers Conference, October 17th, and 18th.

Want to learn more about the beer industry while hanging out with the beer industry? Attend this 2 day conference in Vancouver. This year’s event is bigger in scope, bigger in space, and bigger in what you can learn, so sign up and enjoy this amazing conference.

7. Make a weekend of it with the BC Beer Awards and Brewers Brunch

Why go for 2 days of beer when you can do 4? The Saturday after the conference is the BC Beer Awards, where you can drink alongside the brewers while celebrating the best of everything BC Beer, including the beer, packaging, merch, tasting rooms and more. Then, on Sunday, when you’re in need of recovery, join up with the Brewers Brunch for a (likely quiet) meal alongside the industry folks you’ve just spent 3 days with.

8. Head Inland for the inaugural Penticton Craft Beer Week October 19-26

After celebrating on the Island, and then the Mainland, it only makes sense to continue the trek inland. Penticton has become a hotbed for Craft Beer, with events like Fest of Ale putting it on the map, and now there’s a whole week of celebration to showcase this lakeside town’s beer scene.

9. Visit your local taproom(s)

Do you know the best way to enjoy Craft Beer? At the source, in a glass, surrounded by the people who work so hard to make it for you. It’s also the best way to enjoy it for those breweries, so make a plan, and head out to enjoy some beer in the shadows of the tanks.

10. Make every month BC Craft Beer Month

Why limit yourself to 31 days of great beer? With the number of BC breweries getting closer and closer to 200, it’s not hard to enjoy good, local, independent beer at every opportunity. Make the effort year round, and you can help this industry continue to grow.

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