Fresh to Death Beer List Now Available

Over the last few years, we’ve seen many festivals across this province that have a very specific focus. Some do farmhouse styles, some do barleywines, but very few are limited by scope, ingredient, and timeframe.

It’s possible that combination might be the reason that Fresh to Death has such a following, and why the beer list is so desired ahead of the event. The full beer list is now available on the Victoria Beer Society blog, but after looking at it, there are a handful of must haves that are jumping out.

Container Brewing – Pour Les Mineurs Frais

This grisette was a favourite at the Great Canadian Beer Festival. Light, flavourful, and just perfect in the Saturday sunshine. Take that and fresh hop it, and it will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

Strange Fellows – Juke Festbier

Although a touch late, you can’t go wrong with a festbier at this time of year. Add that to the fact that it’s insanely rare to have a beer from Strange Fellows that isn’t mind-blowing, and you can bet this one will stand out.

Longwood Brewery/White Sails Brewing – Hopposites Attract

If you’ve ever met both Harley and Tyler, you’ll get the name right away. And if you’ve had their beers, you’ll know that their one-offs are ones to seek out and find.

Whistle Buoy Brewing – Homegrown smash ipa

The newest kids on the block (in Victoria at least) have been making waves since they opened, making this one a clear addition to the list.

For those who haven’t bought their tickets yet, head to the Victoria Beer Society site to purchase, and if they’re still available, go for the VIP. It’s worth the difference in price, and you get to listen to Jeff Kendrew talk about fresh hopped beers, which is beyond value.

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