Patios, Beer, and More Beer

Also available in Monday Magazine, originally posted on February 25th, 2021.

I’m sure most people are happy to see the snow disappear, especially those venues relying on patios for a bit more space for their customers, and while the rain is still going to be lingering for a bit, there’s some patio sunshine both literally and figuratively in our future.

Herald Street Brew Works can’t wait to share a little sunshine, especially considering theirs will be from the comfort of their rooftop. A 99 seat patio was approved by Victoria City Council for the brewery in February, with a little more work to come before it comes to fruition. The space should become a must-visit once open, especially for some of those stunning summer sunsets over the harbour.

Lighthouse Brewing has released a new limited release in honour of brewery co-founder David Thomas, who passed away last August. Kapitan Czech Pilsner has just been released, with partial proceeds being donated to charities and organizations close to his heart. The first organization to benefit will be ArcticNet, a network of people and organisations researching the impact of climate change on the Canadian North. This new release should be available on tap at local establishments and in local liquor stores as you read this.

Normally this month’s column would be covering the upcoming Victoria Beer Week, but with events in person still on hold, and likely to be so for some time, things are a little different. Different, though, doesn’t mean that they’re not happening online. Virtual beer tastings have become quite popular, and March has a few to offer.

Off the Eaten Track and Joe Wiebe, The Thirsty Writer, present another night of their Craft Beer & Bites event on March 6th, offering a virtually guided tour of four beers and a selection of locally produced food, all delivered to your home for you to enjoy. Tickets are $80 and can be purchased through, or you can find the link on their Facebook page as well.

Another option is being put on by yours truly. The Blind Justice tasting series begins on March 13th, with the first class being on one of the more classic styles, pilsners. Attendees will receive a selection of beers, with the labels all blacked out, and will be able to attend a class on the style alongside a guided tasting of those beers, finishing with the final reveal of what was tasted that night. More details are available at 

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