Patio Picks: Great Beer in the Great Outdoors

Also available in Monday Magazine, originally posted on April 29th, 2021.

After that stretch of amazing weather in April, it feels like summer is already here, so the time is right to take advantage of it, so long as we are following the rules, staying close to home, staying safe, and doing our part. Thankfully, we’re lucky enough to have so many great breweries nearby, pretty much all with amazing patios to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors in a safe, respectful manner.

Planning for a sunny day out enjoying some great local beer, you can’t help but mention the stunning patio at Canoe Brewpub. The waterfront terrace, the amazing food, and the Old Town setting make for a perfect stop within a short walking distance of the rest of downtown. Also, If you haven’t been down there to try their new Citra Hazy Pale Ale, you are missing out, as it pours beautifully, and tastes even better.

If you’re looking for something a little more sheltered, especially on some of those windier days, look no further than Market Square, where several patios are available to enjoy, including The Drake Eatery, where you know the selection of beers will always impress, and Whistle Buoy Brewing, that benefits from a little more sunshine in their prime location. One of the additional benefits of Whistle Buoy’s patio is the opportunity to support more than just one local business at a time. Their patio is “Bring your own food”, which also means you can order delivery or takeout from a local restaurant directly to their patio while enjoying their tasty line of beers.

A little further out, Rock Bay has some options with Ile Sauvage Brewing offering a weekend patio, and Moon Under Water Brewpub has had their pet-friendly patio set up since last year to enjoy their food, beer, and distillery options all in one place.

If you’re out on the Peninsula, fear not, as Twa Dogs, Category 12, and Howl Brewing all have outdoor spaces to enjoy, with Category 12 offering a selection of great food options from their kitchen, and Howl located right next to the Fickle Fig cafe if you happened to forget to pack a picnic.

Finally, Sooke isn’t left out of the great patio spaces, with Bad Dog Brewing and Sooke Brewing Company both offering some actual sunshine to go along with the liquid sunshine they’re pouring.

So, wherever you are, stay close to home, support your local hospitality businesses, and enjoy this region that people travel to from all over the world to see, while being safe and sound.

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